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Introducing a new way to elevate your weekend activities, and find out what's going on around you. Welcome to PartyShark.

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What can YOU do with PartyShark?

Host Party

Plan Parties

Create customizable parties that are curated to your liking. Use our specialized tools to host parties, invite your friends, hire vendors, and promote your rager all within one place.

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Find the Nightlife

Having a hard time figuring out what's your next move? PartyShark got you covered. Find all the parties hosted by people like you. Hit up your friends, get ready to go out, and explore what's going on in your city!

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Find the best parties around your area

It can be hard to find a good party near you. PartyShark parties are rated, have descriptions, and rules created by hosts. Look at these descriptions and attend the party that best suits your needs.

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Host the biggest
birthday bash

Want to throw an awesome birthday party? PartyShark is a great way to spread the word to all your friends and build up the party hype you’re looking for!

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Work and build your status as a PartyShark

Rank up your status in Partyshark by hosting parties, working at parties, and going to parties. Each user starts off as a Shrimp and has the opportunity to become a Shark based on performance.

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Popular Hosts

Throw parties and earn points! The bests hosts will have the best rankings and this can help you to decide which party to attend.

Host Testimony
Host Testimony
Host Testimony


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Derek W.
There is a real need for an app like this, it is too hard to find house parties!
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Geoff V.
Super easy to create a party! Going to recommend to all of my friends.
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Theresa B.
Where has this app been all my life? I can finally go to parties now!